Microsoft’s ambition to gain market share from Apple required an innovative campaign approach that would showcase Surface’s capabilities and illustrate the margin opportunity for partners.



• Ideation session

• Messaging development

• Series of 6 sequential emails

• Direct mail of gift-wrapped Surface box

• Welcome pack folder with assets

• Step-by-step guide to on-boarding

The brief:

Increase through-partner sales of Surface devices by targeting and recruiting high-potential Apple resellers.

The approach:

Working with the Microsoft Surface team, we developed and executed an integrated campaign to create awareness and engagement with a set of carefully selected partners.

We began with an Ideation Session which took into account the seasonal opportunity, budget available, and persona of the target prospect. The result was a campaign that included the creation and delivery of a gift-wrapped Surface box being posted to the target decision maker.

Once desire and opportunity had been qualified, the on-boarding process was made easier with an information pack and tools to take newly recruited partners from prospect to making their first sale.


80% of targeted partners signed up to become Surface resellers.

Microsoft Investor:  

Marie Devlin - Surface Partner Recruitment Executive

It can be very challenging to persuade Apple resellers of the value of other vendors. ResourceiT managed to create a campaign that sparked competitive partner interest and secured their commitment to sell Surface devices – it is a testament to their skill as a creative marketing agency.
— Marie Devlin, Surface Partner Recruitment Executive