Engaging with the future

The ISV community creates solutions that solve some of the world’s biggest challenges – from analysing crime scenes using IoT and machine learning (like Black Marble's tuServ, built on Microsoft’s UWP), to helping diagnose cancer patients with data analytics and augmented reality (see Yellowfin’s partnership with Volpara).

The challenge for Microsoft is engaging with a community that prides itself on being ‘solution first, vendor second’ and where revenue recognition is not instantaneous, or easy. 

With “Drive ISV Momentum” one of the six priorities set by Judson Althoff, Exec VP, Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft, ResourceiT has been called upon to help Microsoft and its ISV community exploit the opportunities of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (4IR) together.



ISV - Independent Software Vendor

IoT - Internet of Things

UWP - Universal Windows Platform

4IR - Fourth Industrial Revolution

Devices, intelligence, the cloud, the rich cloud services that we bring to market together... These combine to drive digital transformation. It’s a new world of opportunity for all of us.
— Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business