Fierce competition from CRM mainstays such as SFDC had meant the partner adoption pipeline for the Dynamics CRM team was difficult to predict and maintain.



• On-boarding of ten new Dynamics CRM Online partners to the programme

• Deliver a Value Proposition workshop plus develop collateral/messaging for
each partner

• Run an integrated, vertically-aligned demand generation campaign including:
o Data acquisition
o Digital activity
o Email campaigns
o Telemarketing follow-up

The brief:

To create and execute a marketing programme that would recruit and then springboard 10 net new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online partners to achieve the following: 

- 5 new customer adds
250 seats each

The approach:

Working in collaboration with the Microsoft Dynamics team to agree the strategy and process, ResourceiT created a programme that worked at scale to recruit, onboard, then rapidly accelerate the sales capability of CRM Online partners.


- 10 individual marketing campaigns executed for CRM
107 leads distributed to partners with a value in excess of £2.7m

Microsoft Investors:

Cathy Jacques - Dynamics Audience Marketing Manager
Richard Shipton, James Hathaway and Alison Cocks - the Partner Recruit Team

It’s my opinion that we include the Value Proposition workshop as an integral part of the CRMOL recruitment process for the managed partner space, it’s an invaluable exercise for any partner to undertake. Having the ability to deconstruct your current approach to market, with what messages, then reconstruct with clear and definitive objectives will give you as a partner a distinct competitive advantage.
— James Hathaway, Dynamics Senior Partner Recruiter