The brief:

The Microsoft Corporate ISV team wanted to offer a simpler way for start-up and developing ISVs to take advantage of partnering with Microsoft and prove that tailored content would lead to greater programme uptake.

The approach:

ResourceiT decided to ‘gamify’ the interaction which led to the creation of the Azure Business Accelerator – a digital platform that would appeal to an ISV’s view of the world and preferred way of working. 


- 200 ISVs (150 in the US and 50 in the UK) used the portal.

The Microsoft teams were provided with a clear way to:

  • Measure progress
  • Quantify the value of each ISV
  • Unlock services based on partners meeting revenue thresholds

As a pilot programme, this served to inform the thinking of the Microsoft Corp ISV Team in devising future ISV engagement platforms. 



Along with the platform, ResourceiT created a set of tools and assets designed to help ISVs design effective business, marketing and partnering strategies.

The Azure Business Accelerator portal gave partners:

• Tools for building their business and partnership value propositions

• Guides to creating a winning marketing strategy

• Tips on utilising Microsoft Pinpoint/Partner Finder and Azure Marketplace

• Access to ISV marketing and sales material to support business growth


The Vertical ISV Partnership program dovetails very nicely into this from a GTM perspective, its targeted at developing solutions in verticals across Azure, O365, Windows, Win server, SQL Svr.
— Jeremy Haisman, Audience Lead UK ISV