ResourceiT can help you to scale when you're on a tight budget and high partner demand, without the need for compromising on quality.

Exceptional results, outstanding value

Having created hundreds of successful co-funded campaigns for Microsoft partners we looked at how we could amplify the results for our biggest stakeholder – you. The output was a programme that contains the perfect balance of templated and bespoke content, delivering exceptional results for outstanding value.

Bill of Materials.png


Delivering high-value assets at a sensible cost:

• eBooks

• Workshops-in-a-box

• Social calendar content

• Infographics

• Sales cards

• Copy blocks

• Landing pages

• Webinars-in-a-box

A BOM-bastic approach

The process is simple – we create a Partner Marketing at Scale plan for your campaign that includes a range of assets and services that pack a real punch. We combine this with an in-person or online Value Proposition workshop to determine each partner’s USP. The output is a campaign that is unique to each partner at a fraction of the normal cost.

A campaign that keeps on giving

Our bespoke Bill of Materials (BOM) ‘dream team’ contains expert storytellers, copywriters, digital marketers and value proposition consultants. The content they create can be used beyond the campaign timeline, delivering longevity and ongoing value.

The result for you, is a campaign that demonstrates good financial governance, meets Microsoft’s brand guidelines and delivers high partner satisfaction.

Hey, good looking

We create crisp, compelling content that raises the partner’s profile and powerfully communicates Microsoft’s capabilities. Below is a range of assets from our Modern Workplace campaign – to see further examples, get in touch.

Volume and value - our campaigns so far:

  • Modern Workplace - 16 partners across WE & 320 leads

  • SAP on Azure - 5 partners (3 new to Microsoft) OCP Catalogue assets and campaigns

  • Data Migration - 4 partners & 80 leads

  • Citrix on Azure - 10 partners & 100% recruitment target met

  • App Modernization - *New programme*