• New messaging for each of the SAM+ engagements (Cloud Readiness, SQL Workloads, SQL + Virtual Infrastructure Modernisation and Cybersecurity

• Content to educate the 5 key SAM partners on how to use the approach to generate new opportunities

• Case study videos to generate awareness and reinforce the messaging

• Thought leadership blogs

• Development of the new SAM website – go live scheduled for June 2018.

The brief:

To help the UK SAM team launch a new suite of services (SAM+) designed to change the Software Asset Management conversation from one of compliancy to one of strategic business value.

The approach:

We created a new communications approach that explained the value of SAM+ engagements in enabling digital transformation. Because this shift represented a significant mindset change, we created a communication plan for 3 distinct audiences:

- Microsoft team members
- Channel partners
- Customers


- 40,000+ customers reached
- 5 strategic SAM partners trained

Microsoft Investors:

Mark Bradford - Director of SAM UK
Madiha Khan - SAM Channel Development Manager

I am unwavering in the quest to truly add value to our customers and move away from outdated compliance-based approaches, this is a fundamental shift in the market and perceptions are hard to change. ResourceiT have been a huge part of ensuring we communicate how we are evolving and shift that perception at scale
— Mark Bradford, Director Software Asset Management & Compliance UK SMS&P